Love Your Local Market

Love Your Local Market 2015 will be celebrating the culture and vibrancy that exists across the markets industry from 13th – 27th May 2015. In 2014 over 900 markets took part and over 7,000 events were put on.

Markets have been around for millennia and have been the place to meet, socialise and catch up with friends and members of the community.

Today markets are seeing something of a revival as consumers shopping habits are changing. People are starting to realise the value of shopping local and more frequently.

Markets also have the personal feel to them with many traders living within the local community. This keeps the money spent at markets circulating within that same community.

This year Love Your Local Market 2015 aims to encourage over 1,000 markets to become involved in the UK. #BePartofthe1000

Love Your Local Market will also be celebrated in a number of European countries including: France, Italy, Spain, Holland Ireland, Poland, Hungary, Greece, Cyprus, Lebanon, Slovenia and Slovakia.

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