The Real Deal

The great British tradition of markets brings many benefits for local communities. They provide excellent opportunities for shoppers to find bargains and regularly host attractions that encourage visitors to the venue. They are also a fantastic way for small businesses to obtain growth.

Across the UK, markets, fairs and carboot sales that are not uniformly regulated can fall prey to those who wish to trade illegally in unsafe, counterfeit and pirated goods. This can undermine a markets reputation as the place to shop.

Local Authority Trading Standards services and many markets across the country are working tirelessly to maintain markets and carboot sales as a reputable place to trade and shop. The nature of the counterfeiter is to move from one market place to another, making them hard to detect.

The Real Deal campaign is a cross-sector, partnership initiative, bringing together local authority trading standards services, market operators and traders, industry groups, and copyright and trademark owners, all of whom are united with a common commitment to tackling this problem.

At the heart of the Real Deal campaign is a national markets’ charter, which has been created in consultation with all the partners in this initiative and which sets out key principles for market operators, local authority trading standards services, industry and trademark representatives to sign up to and abide by.

Signing up to the charter demonstrates an organisation’s commitment to safe and fair trading at their local market.

The Real Deal logo may be displayed at venues where the market operator abides by the terms of the national charter and in agreement with their local trading standards service.

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