About Market Mouse

Market Mouse has been developed to enhance opportunity in the markets industry. We work closely with market operators and traders to provide consumers with a fresh, relevant and up to date retail experience.

Mission Statement

“Market Mouse develops and offers innovative services and digital products to the retail and wholesale markets industry in the UK. Our services increase opportunity, visibility and efficiency  to market traders, market operators, wholesalers and the general public”.

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  • We create new ways to improve the markets industry
  • We operate and innovate for everybody
  • We connect opportunity
  • We increase the opportunity to trade
  • We trade openly, fairly and with transparency
  • We service all stakeholders equally and fairly
  • We enable all stakeholders to grow and prosper



  • The Toby - an online stall booking system
  • A comprehensive directory of UK markets
  • A quality entertainment and events booking service for market operators
  • Wholesale opportunities for traders
  • An online shop for market supplies
  • Market services supply directory
  • Bespoke printing options




  • Market Mouse gives up-to-date information and opportunities to market operators, traders and the general public.
  • Market Mouse uses its industry knowledge to constantly innovate new features that benefit the markets industry.
  • Market Mouse targets all sectors of our communities including youth and the under 35's who are potential customers, employees and traders in retail markets.
  • Market Mouse is an ethical operator and we exist to promote independent traders and local markets.

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